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What is Website SEO?

We all hear a lot about website SEO, about Advertising, Marketing, etc. So for some people SEO Website is a familiar concept. Website SEO can be easily defined as using certain tricks that bring your website to the top of the search page (here we will always default to the Google search page).

There are websites with high quality content that they don't need to use any tricks but their website also tops the search page for keywords in the industry. That's because their quality content provides value to readers, over time these websites gain a certain number of readers, so they are evaluated and ranked high by Google.

But what about new websites, how to be evaluated and ranked high by Google. Of course, you'll also be greatly appreciated if you consistently deliver quality content over a long period of time. It is for those who are dedicated and have the time to know the article regularly.

But if we know SEO Website combined with quality content, our time to the Top will be much faster. That is the advantage of SEO website, with easy keywords, we only need 3-4 months, average keywords are from 6-8 months or more, difficult keywords need longer time.

But you know, most of the websites that need to be at the top of the search page are sales or service websites, they need to lead as soon as possible, for many reasons such as sales, competitors, popularity. Changing the brand, of course, no one can wait 1-2 years for their keywords to be at the top, so for them SEO is a must and must happen as soon as possible.

In addition, when the website has been ranked high and has good rankings, maintaining the rankings for a long time is also a part of website SEO.
In short, SEO website is the work, the trick to make your website at the top of the search page in the shortest time possible and must maintain the ranking position for a long time.
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So what is Viet SEO services?

Like described above. Once we know what SEO website is, we can implement it ourselves to get our website ranked high on Google. But not everyone can know the tricks, everyone has time to optimize and write quality articles on the Website, so the SEO service Ho Chi Minh City was born to help your website, the keywords you are doing business with. will be at the top of the search page.

Obviously, if you don't put in the work, you will have to spend money. The SEO website needs a team to deploy continuously for a long time, so the cost is not cheap. There are overall keyword SEO services up to hundreds of millions for a project, of course these keywords, once in the TOP, will bring a huge source of customers and the profit from that is not small. The cost is also in the expectation of the customer who wants to SEO.

There is a faster option than Advertising on Google Ads, you just need to put money into your budget and immediately your website will appear on the Top, if a customer clicks on your website, you will have to pay for it.

Click this, if you are sad that day you can turn off this ad campaign and obviously your website will no longer appear on the top of the search, when you run the campaign again, your website will appear again and it will cost Google a lot. simple and easy to understand.

Currently, most Websites run Ads, because obviously we lose money to Google, they will favor our website a lot. The websites that rank at the top naturally have to rank behind these ads even far behind, so we should consider between SEO and running ads.

With hundreds of websites running ads, which website is at the top of the ad is also a huge competition, the first ranking is based on money (with money is all): whoever bids higher will be ranked high. Moreover, there is also an optimization point, this optimization is almost the same as SEO Website optimization, if you do not know how to optimize ads you can refer to our Google Ads running service.

Easier to understand, tphcm SEO services will help you put your website on the first page of search with the desired keywords and maintain the top position for a long time.

Keyword package SEO price list

The Role of SEO for Websites

SEO helps webiste stand on the top of the search page, from which more customers find their products and services. In addition, SEO helps website optimize both content and form to help customers have a great experience on your website.

Mr. Go appreciates customer experience very much, frankly, Anh Go's high ranking criteria are all based on customer experiences. For example, quality content, without duplication, will provide readers with accurate and complete information about what they are looking for.

Your website is fast so customers don't have to wait impatiently, breadcrumd links help customers navigate the page better, and so on. These factors are all based on customer experiences, so if you have a standard SEO website, it is obvious that the experience is at the most optimal level, more convenient for customers.

Optimizing SEO helps your content and website to be more standard, the content will certainly no longer be rambling (if so, it will not be on the top) the main content is to write what to write from there to help you form a the habit of writing with the right focus, more standard.

SEO optimization helps you analyze keywords more sensitively. From there you can analyze and use keywords in advertising, deploy backlinks and content on other social networking sites.

Patience, SEO implementation is like fishing, you have to be really patient, patient. The tasks you have to repeat for a long time easily lead to boredom. Of course, the sweet fruit is always a worthy reward for the patient.

Price list of SEO services in HCM, Vietnam

Depending on the difficulty and competition of the keyword, there are different prices for SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City. Usually the price is calculated according to the number of keywords and the keyword's competition, in addition to the number of searches for that keyword.

Keyword competition is the number of websites that have been SEO for that keyword. For example, if the top 4 positions of the search page are sites that have been SEO, the competition is average, and we can confidently reach the top 5 (than the position of non-SEO optimized pages).

But assuming there are up to 100 websites that have been SEO for that keyword, the level of competition is extremely high, the first position is only 1, it is best in this case we should run Ads. But how do we determine that it is an SEO optimized website, very simply, we have to do SEO to know it is an SEO optimized Web. This is a simple way to determine keyword difficulty from which to determine the cost of an SEO service.

Because there are many criteria that depend on many factors, our SEO service price list is relative, if you know exactly, please contact us at the information below for keyword analysis. and the most accurate quote.

Smart SEO service

Smart SEO services can be understood as being in addition to the top overall of the keywords that they are doing business with, but also bringing abundant profits from these keywords. Because the cost to put these keywords on the top of the search page is not small, with that cost we can completely bring in greater profits from other marketing channels. But with smart SEO is the perfect combination of different marketing channels from online to offline to maximize profits as well as brand coverage on the Internet.

Smart SEO steps method:

Keyword Research: With smart SEO suitable for difficult keywords. From these keywords we will research to find related niche keywords. It can be understood that these keywords will be longer, with adjectives, nouns, locations... For example, with the main keyword it is very difficult to "SEO services", we deploy niche keywords such as "Services". Smart SEO", sustainable SEO services, SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City, ...

Compared to the main keyword, this niche keyword is much easier to breathe, the time to the top is also faster, when these niche keywords are already on the top, we will also have a certain number of readers, from here the quality score The volume of the Website also increased significantly, contributing to the process of pushing rankings for the main keyword in the long run.

So if we earn more niche keywords, keywords with search volume but no one has SEO yet, related keywords will be easier to TOP, this keyword research we can use tools. such as Google Suggest, Google Ads, Keyword planner Tool, ... or we play the role of customers, thinking about what keywords customers can search for when they want to search for services and products on the Internet.

The remaining steps are implemented as a normal SEO process, from optimization to backlinks, sharing in social networks...

Safe SEO service

Currently there are many ways to deploy an SEO service, there are ways, the units deploy very quickly, but a very important note is that once the keyword has reached the top, keeping that ranking is included. time is equally important. A keyword, or website needs a certain period of time for Google to evaluate and rank, usually a new website needs 2 months or more.

Then it takes a long time to SEO that keyword to a high rank, so to SEO safely and sustainably, it needs a period of 3 months or more with difficult keywords. If a committed unit can deploy keywords to TOP quickly, it may be black hat SEO, which is taboo in SEO. If Google detects, our website will be penalized.

Since then the keywords will no longer rank high, even the website will no longer be seen on Google, the only fix is to completely change the domain name and redo a new website, It takes time. our time, effort and money. Therefore, We should carefully consider choosing a safe Ho Chi Minh City SEO service implementation unit.

To implement a safe SEO process, it is important to be safe here that we should not use spam tricks to increase keyword rankings. There are many ways to spam but the most common and people apply is backlink spam and Traffic. Deploying backlinks bluffly in a short time is easy to be detected by Google, so deploy the number of backlinks weekly. Each week we set a target of reaching a certain number of backlinks depending on the difficulty of the keyword.

About Traffic (Website visits), this is also a very important factor in SEO, Called Traffic, but in SEO, it raises a higher factor than user experience, which can be understood as the number of visitors and similarity. Works well on the web.

In order to have a good user experience, the Website must first meet SEO standards and the content must be of good quality (It is often said that content is king), then we will earn Traffic. Pulling traffic safely and sustainably can be done in the following ways:

Advertising: this is a paid Traffic, you should also consider spending a part of this, because these are visits from advertising and are interested in your products and services, so the Purchase conversions are also very high. Effective advertising channels such as Google, Facebook, and Youtube are very popular, but they also consume a large part of the cost, so you also need to balance your budget and costs before implementing.

Social networks: This is a way to attract readers for free but the number is very small, of course if you don't want to spend money, you have to work. We share these articles on social networks, forums, etc. For a long time to attract more readers or even customers.

Therefore, we should mix the main keywords and the keywords that pull traffic properly, usually we write these traffic-driving articles after the keywords have good rankings and need to be pushed to rank higher. A small note is that these traffic-pulling articles should be related to the topic of our website a little, if it's too difficult, it's okay to not be related.

The above are ways to make SEO web safe and sustainable over time, although it takes a little effort and time, but its values are sustainable and long-lasting.
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