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You want to own a website to grow your business but don't know where to start. Viet SEO will be the right choice for you.

You are in need of a website for your business to reach more customers or you simply want to increase the reputation of your brand but have not found a satisfactory website design unit, so please refer to it. This article to know more about the advantages of Viet SEO, a professional and reputable website design service provider.

What is web design?

Thus, website design is simply understood as creating a website to provide information, sell or interact for users. So what is the specific job of designing a website?
Do you find the website design workload too much? In fact, when it comes to reality, there will be many different turns. If you design websites for small businesses, personal blogs, you have to do full tasks, but if you work for large companies specializing in website design, you only work in the frontend or backend department.

Viet SEO provides exclusive interface, separate features

Scientifically arranged layout, eye-catching and professional images, appropriate fonts are factors that help retain users longer on the website.

Understanding that, Viet SEO always provides website design solutions ranging from basic to advanced, package with outstanding interface, exclusive with own features depending on customer's request. will help businesses position and create a strong brand identity in the market.

Besides, for a website that sells/provides services, having a reasonable layout, presenting clear and complete product/service information will make customers trust and convert more easily. , thereby helping to increase sales more effectively.

Website of Viet SEO for fast and stable page loading speed

According to reputable statistics, slow website loading speed is one of the top reasons why customers "goodbye" to a website from the first time they visit it and are less likely to return to use it once. again.

With Viet SEO, we will bring a professional, high-end website design solution that meets the requirements of UX / UI standards and optimizes SEO standards to help operate stably with fast page loading speed thanks to the load-bearing system. large, up to thousands of visits per day. In addition, the website is also scored highly on Google's page load speed measurement tools, increasing the user experience.
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Viet SEO design website according to standard SEO structure

Viet SEO's website products not only perfectly meet factors such as: outstanding interface, unique features, fast page loading speed, ... Viet SEO experts also integrate these factors.

Technical factors with standard SEO structure when designing websites as required for their customers from the lines of web code, website speed, each heading tag... for the purpose of optimizing search engines like Google, Bing ,.. from there the website has the ability to rank higher on these famous tools.

Viet SEO's website is always compatible with all mobile screen sizes

In recent years, mobile devices have become too popular for everyone, leading to a sudden increase in the number of website visitors from mobile. The fact that a website can display well on all types of devices (desktop, tablet, phone, ...) is very necessary.

Understanding this issue, the layout of the website from Viet SEO is always designed to fit many different screen sizes, not just designing a fixed interface like other units often do before.

It is easy to see the benefits that a website has this technology, which is:

Viet SEO website is always absolutely secure

Currently, attacks on websites often take place. The most common is that the website reports a 5xx error or the user cannot access the website due to denial of service attacks (DDoS attacks). In some more serious cases, millions of users' passwords, email addresses and credit card information were stolen, seriously affecting customers as well as businesses.

At Viet SEO, we provide advanced infrastructure systems, easy-to-use tools to help protect your site from the most common security threats. After all, your website is the heart of your business, your brand, and all the great things you bring to the world. Your website deserves universal protection with all the tools you need to protect your business and customers online.

Static website design

Static web design work will include 2 main parts: design (design) and html cutting (interface creation). In particular, the design part will be the main responsibility of the designers. They will use specialized software for graphic design such as software: Ps, Ai, Dn, etc. These software will assist them in creating interfaces in the form of basic images.

For the interface building will be taken care of by the programmers. They will accept to use code tools such as HTML, Javascript, CSS to analyze and create a reasonable interface for the website. After building the interface with the HTML tool, the customer will receive a website that has not been used yet.

This interface is only capable of receiving operations such as clicking, leaving the page, some other effects, etc. However, a static website cannot yet be able to store information as well as retrieve data. such as making a purchase, registering or searching a website, etc.

Dynamic website design

Dynamic website design is the work of software processing data of an established web. That is, the dynamic web has full information, the database has the function of processing and storing it in memory automatically. Dynamic website allows users to easily use in updating content, analyzing, managing and using other utilities.

And normally, most of the websites are dynamic web so that they can help admins manage the website easily and customers can interact directly on the website.

What is the purpose of website design?

What is the purpose of web design? Any individual or organization that requires building a website has the same goal of advertising product images, company brands, and businesses.

The purpose of web design to catch up with the general trend

The current era is the era of technology 4.0. This is the century of the internet boom around the globe. The trend of searching for information to buy and sell online is increasing rapidly. Therefore, to catch up with this trend, companies and businesses need to build effective online marketing tactics. Therefore, website design is one of the fertile markets to help promote the business of companies and businesses.

For small organizations, the website is like a tool and a means to promote their product brand. At the same time, business support services are also increasingly enhanced and flourished. This is one of the conditions that helps promote the development of the web design industry.

Purpose to support customers

Website design will help customers update the latest product lines and services. At the same time, the website will help convey information from the producer to the consumer without facing any barriers. Besides, this is also a very low cost marketing method that still brings high work efficiency. Because this is an indispensable option, the website certainly meets the basic needs of the business.

However, not everyone who builds a website can develop and maintain it. This requires individuals and organizations to update, catch up and research the development trends of the new technology era.

That will help users can surf the web and have the best experience. Those in charge of web design must know how to optimize the functions of the interface, assist users in viewing and purchasing. This is a condition to help customers use and experience the service better.

What is a website designer

What is a website designer to do and what should be learned?

To become a professional website designer, first of all, you need to hone some of the following skills:

Creative thinking ability

To succeed in design, you first need to hone your creative thinking abilities. Not only the ability to keep up with the trends of the technology era, but the ability to be creative is also extremely important when designing a website. At the same time, the ability to think aesthetically is also essential for an online business. Because the website is the homepage that carries the soul of the business.

Graphic design

What is graphic design in web design? You don't have to be a genius to be able to design graphics. In website design requires users to know the basic knowledge of graphics. For those photoshop software is a must know. By web design using images is the main.


What is cutting HTML in website design? This is a job that includes 3 main components: presentation, action and behavior. This is the stage of creating a 2D design using graphic design.

To become a professional, learners need to practice and hone their knowledge a lot. At the same time, knowing how to use many different languages is also an advantage.

Above, we have provided you with what website design is to do. Hope the above article has shared with you useful information. Good luck.
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