SEO Market Trends and Latest SEO Methods

Held at Vietnam Trade Union Hotel in early 2023, with the participation of leading SEO experts and online marketing experts in Vietnam. Attending the Green Sunshine CEO seminar, Mr. Hoang Hung provided us with an overview of the SEO - online marketing market

Vietnam SEO market

Held at Vietnam Trade Union Hotel in early 2023, with the participation of leading SEO experts and online marketing experts in Vietnam. Participating in the workshop of CEO Sunshine Green, Mr. Hoang Hung gave us a look at the SEO market - online marketing Refer to the original document "Vietnam SEO market trends and opportunities".

Some SEO market trends 2023

  1. The proportion of budget for SEO in Vietnam increased to 150-200% compared to 2020.
  2. SEO is a hot profession.
  3. Quality SEO services increasingly require more professionalism.
  4. Diversify SEO services and ancillary services for SEO
  5. Competition and cooperation between companies in the same industry develop together

Opportunities for SEOers

  1. SEO is a hot profession
  2. Schools and training classes are increasing, the number of documents and case studies is constantly increasing
  3. Professional SEO companies are always ready to train
  4. SEO is a profession that is not picky, just the important factor is hard work and knowledge of information technology.

Opportunities for businesses to use SEO as an online marketing channel

  1. SEO channel is a cheap and effective online marketing channel
  2. E-commerce is growing, the more effective SEO proves to be
Opportunities for businesses providing SEO services

SEO Trends in 2023

It's hard to say what changes this rapidly growing space will face in the coming year. However, our experts have seen some very noticeable signs and let us know some of their secrets for continued success.

Impacted by Google MUM

"Of all the updates we've gone through in 2021, the introduction of Google MUM will probably be the real game-changer," said Gianluca Fiorelli. According to Google, “MUM has the potential to transform the way Google helps you with complex tasks.”

Have you caught that yet? Google is more interested in complex search intent, so you should be too.

Fiorelli explains, “This means we have to make even more of an assurance that our web pages stay amazingly visible throughout the search journey a user [makes], such as: looking for general information about New Zealand and finally booking a room in a motel in Matamata.”

Optimize Google Discover

A hugely interesting addition to this list of SEO trends for 2023 is the inclusion of Google Discover.

What is Google Discover? Well, this is a feed that collects relevant information based on what an individual typically searches for and places it at the top of the search page.

Think of it as a feed that provides you with the latest stories, articles, media, videos and more based on topics that are trending in your area or relevant to a variety of interests. your general search.

As a digital marketer working to improve search visibility, it's important to include a visual that is relevant to your topic and keywords.

Google Discover always includes this image as part of its search listing, which makes it 100% important if you're trying to rank in this capacity.

Ultimately, you want to continue to create great content that matches the interests and needs of your audience.

When you do this, Google is more likely to add your page to Google Discover, which will bring in more organic traffic than other basic SEO techniques.

Omnichannel Digital Campaigns (Omnichannels)

For many digital marketers, it can be all too easy to divide different aspects of the overall strategy into distinct groups - each with a brand, goal, message, and more.

The problem with this is that today's consumers are everywhere, all at once.

Need an example? Think of ordinary people. They are on social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook. Maybe they're even on Snapchat, TikTok, or Pinterest.

They are then looking for answers to questions or solutions to problems on Google.

If you're not working with an omnichannel strategy, these people may also dismiss your page after they've just seen you on another channel.


Different brands on different channels can be confusing, which means they may skip your site in the SERPs because they don't see how everything is interconnected.

This means it's more important than ever to have a coherent, streamlined approach to all of your digital marketing campaigns.

Interactive Content is King

Videos and images are already making waves, and 2023 will require even more to stand out. The more time and resources you invest in making your content interactive, the more organic traffic, social shares, and overall impact your content will have. that created.

Dean explains, “I think we'll see more of a shift towards interactive content in 2023. We've seen most content sites now include a table of contents and extensions. But as users get used to not reading passively – but engagingly – expect publishers to add more widgets, calculators and other interactive content in 2023.”

Include interactive content that will keep readers engaged longer like responsive charts and infographics, games, quizzes, polls, shareable tweets, and more. Not only will you engage viewers longer, but you can also increase your reach if your content is shared widely and across different platforms.
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Content distribution please stand up

In the coming year, content marketers will need to rethink their distribution strategy to win the right traffic.

Klass recommends using your brands in content delivery in 2023. By positioning your business leadership as the face of your brand, you'll not only reach their current audience, but also humanize your company. She stated, “content will be the only thing that works in the long term and company executives will need to be more forward-looking and have a strong online personality/presence to build brand identity.” their".

Okay, so it's clear why executives need to play a bigger role in content creation to increase your reach, but I hear you ask, why the long form? found that long-form content gets about 77.2% more links than short articles.

External links drive traffic to your site, so the more links the better. Creating content built for distribution is simply the way to go. However, we will soon focus on link building.

Creating content built for distribution is simply the way to go.

Simmonds also emphasized that distribution needs to become the cornerstone of content marketing next year. “We will see the value of owned online communities continue to increase,” he predicts.

The world of non-fungible online assets, (NFT - Non-Fungible Tokens) is showing brands globally the importance of aligning incentives with customers and the importance of building community building. Globally, people are logging into Discords, Facebook Groups, Subreddits and Slack groups to discuss things related to their interests.

Of course, it's impossible to discuss content changes without mentioning SEO. Algorithms are changing weekly and more content is generated every day making organic traffic harder to win. Simmond emphasizes, "this is why content distribution should be on every brand's radar. Just creating content isn't enough. You also have to embrace the idea of continuous delivery."

SEO market trends

Speaking of SEO, let's take a look at how it is predicted in 2023.

Link building will look different

Link building is not simple. It requires a lot of exercise and is very time consuming. Stacey McNaught predicts this trend will only increase, stating, “I think we're going to see outreach more and more difficult, and to be honest, I think it's 100 percent activity-based. Outreach to your link building is unsustainable. I hope we will start to see people diversify their link building approaches more.”

How so?

In 2023, we'll start to see more creativity in how people create and distribute content, and how they approach external sites to find links. The use of social media as a way to resume in person, build relationships, and suggest partnership opportunities will continue to grow. Also, as SERPs diversify, SEOs will arguably expand their link building efforts to new platforms.

According to, 94% of the world's content has no external links, and only 2.2% of published online content has multiple backlinks.

As discussed earlier, links are crucial to reaching your target audience. Below is a word count breakdown for 6% of content that contains external links.

What a missed opportunity for an incredible amount of content. It's no surprise that link building will need to adapt to keep up with the times.

AI will have a bigger impact on SEO

Artificial Intelligence (AI Artificial Intelligence) is changing the way people interact with online content. This intelligent algorithm we all know shows us the things we like the most and facilitates our search on the net.

AI allows you to analyze your website's performance and create more effective SEO strategies by comparing data with competitors and industry benchmarks. Plus, AI provides recommendations on the topics that matter most to your business and how to make your website content more effective, and does research and generate text faster.

How can you benefit?

Machine learning or deep learning is useful in planning and implementing strategy and improving content over time. To benefit from this, you need to engage and engage your readers with valuable and well-organized content.

Tools that can help content creators and businesses create optimized content. For example, RankMath just released its AI Content Creation Tool.

Interactive experience

A unique addition to the list of SEO trends for the coming year to really look out for is the use of interactive experiences.

Things like quizzes, tutorials, videos, or anything other than basic text engage visitors and give them a way to interact with your page.

What makes this type of content better for search is that it gives users the information they're looking for in a format that's easier to remember and easier to navigate.

Interactive experiences are also a great way to enhance the user experience and stand out from the competition in your niche.

While it's not possible to switch to an interactive format for every evergreen topic on your site, it's a good idea to analyze which pages and keywords are already bringing in a lot of organic traffic.

Then brainstorm ideas to expand on them with an interactive form of content.

Google SEO best practices will evolve

Kevin Indig sheds light on how he expects Google to grow: “First, Google can have more control over how web pages appear in search results. Second, I expect more SERP Features that draw clicks out of the organic results. Google announced that search would become more intuitive, and they kept their word in 2021. I hope 2023 will be a continuation of that.”

In a quick analysis of search behavior, about 97% of traffic is organic.

Let's use the keyword "winter coat" as an example here to see what this means for SERP features. If about 96% of all traffic for this keyword is organic and 66% of those organic searches with zero clicks, that means only about 30% of the traffic possible on this keyword was won by a relevant site. That is a huge drop. See why SERP features are such a big deal?

Jono Alderson, Special Ops Professional at Yoast, predicts “the importance of performance optimization will continue to grow, especially as Google's Core Web Vitals metrics expand. Google has announced that new measures for "Smoothness" and "Responsiveness" will likely be added to their criteria in the near future. And it's an annual review process that continuously raises the bar for 'good' appearance."

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