How to optimize the website on the search engines (SEO)

Search engine optimization is considered as the most effective online marketing today. If your website appears on Google and all other search engines, you will own a massive traffic for free from the internet - from there you can get a large customer base and increase sales .

People use search engines to find products usually by their potential customers really need, so if your website does not appear on the search engine, you have missed the best customers, as well as missing out on a great source of income.

That is why many businesses focus on search engine optimization - is a beneficial investment and long-term impact of a business. The pay-per-click ads will only last while you afford to maintain such ads on the search engines, whereas search engine optimization will help your product exists just Your website is still active.
What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), search engine optimization it is a combination (or aggregation) methods (techniques, tactics of internet marketing and technology) to improve the ranking of a website or web page specifically in the results pages of search engines (Google is the most popular).

Those methods include optimizing website (HTML source impact, structure, layout and contents of the website including text, images, video or other multimedia on the web that users see or interact) and build useful links within the site (internal links) and from reputable external sites (inbound links) to the page to the search engine site selection best suited to serve the Internet search application with a specific keyword queries that users are asked to book their looking.

SEO is considered as the most effective online marketing today.
How to websites appear first in the list on Google

For sale websites your products appear first in the list of Google search results depend on many factors. A study of data looking for that she loved impact factor in Google's ranking algorithm.

However, you can still put your website on the top position in search results, the following are important factors to be considered the leading impact on search algorithms of the search engines:

Create more natural links pointing to your website from other websites.
Exclusive website content
The reliability of website
Age of domain names
Optimizing structure and other elements of the website

Know the factors that help your website get ranked, you will understand how it is pushed to the top of the search engines.
Natural Links

When other sites link to put your website is a search engine optimization the most effective way. Because it effectively so that users often put the money to pay for links to their website on the top drag on Google and the other search engines. Just so there are many competing enterprise search ranking.

There are many factors that impact on the art of search engine toancua

There are 2 ways to place the link:

Put the backlink. Choosing the best sites and seeks to link pointing to your website
Creating a website and link to your website naturally.

You will take a long time to build a prominent website for users to automatically link to your website. Make your website becomes unique and become one of experience caught the attention of people, they will want to share your website with others - it means you've gained many venture Links to your website a completely natural way.

Moreover, Google's algorithm is designed to detect the link type, so the website has massive traffic and effective link with the user will be more effective than no effect link.

So how to get the natural link? Here are a few suggestions:

Through the electronic media: The general news sites or electronic newspapers are bringing the most valuable backlinks for search engines. Look for similar sites and post with links pointing to your website.
Exclusive website Contents: Please make a difference for your website - whether it is product differentiation, customer service or policy can bring you the difference. Take the time and effort building a good website content to bring our customers the experience interesting and enjoyable experience.
Create content valuable and necessary: ​​It is possible that the product description, instructions and guidance to buyers or blog content will make your website better and easy to get attached link.
Maintaining the steps from 1 to 3 continuous: This is not a task to be done only once, but a series of continuous operation and must be maintained throughout the 365 days of work as part of marketing.


Content is the message that comes to your website. Sure you have a lot of experience and knowledge of the business areas in which you - please use it to build a blog for users to share information with those they care instead devote time job sales activities.

Here are some ways to create content for your website:

Guidelines or explain a particular problem: Make the content around your product such as product manuals, the effect of the product, ... all the information about the products that customers mind, you will attract more customers to your website, through which the sale would also progressing well.
The writer is the expert, not the salesman: to get exclusive content and good, it should be written from the expertise and prestige. In addition to creating new content, you should reach out to people who read the article to answer their questions - which adds credibility to your website in the eyes of customers.
Develop strategies to attract a range of visitors for the purpose of research: many people use search engines for the purpose of research and seek information rather than buying. Put yourself in the role of the user to know what they are looking for, thereby creating articles about issues that interested users, the content that you create will be the exclusive content your website. These things are not difficult, it just takes a little bit of your time and will bring a deserved result.

The reliability of website

Building trust is not that difficult. Obviously, if customers do not trust, they will never be reckless with your purchase. So do not "inflate" what you are, so just to attract customers to buy only one time but can not retain them stay with you for long.

In addition to building customer trust through quality and price of products, you can also build confidence for the original client on your website:

Customer Reviews: The praise of customers for products and services will impact significantly on the psychology of the reader. Let's public praise for your customer right on the website to enhance its credibility.
Display security licenses: Normally for the secure website as the online payment gateway or the bank's official website will be the competent authority for granting security permissions. Please show this security permits on the website by adding "s" after http along with authenticated by authorities is a licensed website) - this will help customers trust the safety of your website.
Publicly business license: The public business license on the website that you sell to buyers that you've been given to business items that you're signing sale and the product quality that perfectly. This gives customers confidence in the products and services you are trading or they know that they will be resolved if there are problems related to product quality.

The lifespan of the domain name

Your domain name is used as long, the easier is the preferred search engine visibility, which was also granted by the website user experience in a long time - the search engines tend pushed to the top of this website.
Sitemaps and optimization

This greatly influenced the outcome of SEO. The search engines will easily detect your website if you have a reasonable website structure. Please optimize categories, sub-categories to the user to easily search for the information they need on your website.

Here is the order in which you should proceed to optimize the website:

The title of your article must be unique, attractive. Do not let the title match.
Finding ways to navigate the links between articles - this is extremely important. Because when customers finish reading this article, they can easily be seen to be linked to another article that interest them.
Use H1 tags to attach to your source code. The content is associated with the H1 tag should match the title tag.
Using the original image and the image described by alt tags
Keep a minimum iframes.
Content that contains your domain name

The above information is all you have to do to optimize the site for SEO service - focus your time and effort to improve the whole and you will realize the effects that it brings.

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