Selecting the best source for your website

Your business start interested lucrative market potential Markerting Online, and the most basic is to build a website (About now, exhibited - buying and selling products, customer support ... ). The question that we must choose content management system (Content Management System - CMS) to develop your website 1 most effective way?

The answer is: Wait .. did the comrades smiley, first for one test do little about the need to build one website for your business, in order to see your business need to use 1 CMS to develop your website or not?

Oh, so you've determined that you need to use one CMS to develop your website, so choosing CMS is this? There are many criteria to assess 1 CMS as simple to use, simple, multiple modules, a lot of users, good for seo..vv. Should can not assess what is the best CMS, please introduced through several CMS Open Source community has been widely used and appreciated as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and CMS fairly well developed by the Vietnamese as Nukeviet.

However, for Markerting Online, SEO website is the most important thing, and the main issue is after your selected websites will use the CMS to develop, you will choose a good source code Best for SEO? This question a lot of people start entering the road development are laid out and website please share your own views on this issue as follows: SEO does not depend on the CMS website, which is based on HTML pages Static users and search-engine readable. (Reference SEO off page), however, a good CMS for SEO is a good CMS must support the following criteria:

1. Custom Title card and how to display: - A CMS search-engine friendly can not customize the title cards of a particular site, but also how to customize display. For example, your website with blog and forum, you can customize the display to access the blog, the title will be "Blog> header" even when access to the forum, the title will be "Forum> header "

2. String path static (static URLs): - Today, the CMS-friendly search engine that allows users to edit the static path of one particular site. For example, CMS

The first line is the title of the article, the 2nd line (Permalink) was custom permalink for this article, if you want a static path taken by title, then click Get Shortlink article.

3. Custom Meta tags: - Meta tags Description and robots tags are 2 things very important for SEO. A good CMS should allow this custom.

4. Allow custom HTML tags: - A good CMS for SEO should have additional features in HTML elements such as "nofollow" on the links, or the <hx> for the headline and subheadline. These elements can be added automatically by the features in Menu Option or possible for users to manually customize the frame editor through when needed.

5. Internal Linking flexibility: - To optimize for SEO, custom display chains (anchor text) of internal links (internal link) is very important.

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