5 SEO techniques Mobile in 2015

74% of phone users use search engines in the process of buying => Do you have SEO campaign on mobile phones?

Today, with the explosion of smartphones growing rapidly, and the upcoming trend of using smartphones than desktop / laptop is indispensable. In this general trend, we are webmaster should know what to do in order to please users use smartphones more to cozy, increase experience and thereby increase sales even further!
5 SEO techniques Mobile in 2015

Applying SEO Mobile reasonable strategy in 2014 for the company, business, your brand will be a good competitive advantage. To emphasize the importance of mobile SEO strategy in 2014, we can look through the following figures: 74% of phone users use search engines in the buying process, 83% of mobile users have reviews to carry out transactions in one day. Here are 5 essentials to ensure your mobile SEO strategy plays successfully in 2014.

1. Focus on the user experience on mobile

The user experience is a crucial element to ensure the success of mobile SEO strategy in 2014. Even the leading retailers are also struggling with experience on mobile devices.

The user experience impact on the ability of a website to attract visitors. More importantly, it also affects the conversion rate of the site. So ensure your website gives mobile users a great experience to strengthen and transform the user become real customers.

Not only you, Google also regularly improve the user experience on mobile devices. A Mobile SEO strategies tied to the goal of improving the user experience will be more successful strategy focused on rankings and traffic.

2. There is a friendly site with mobile devices

In 2014, web-friendly mobile devices - whether using responsive or a separate website - will be the foundation for a successful mobile SEO strategy. Traffic on Mobile is growing strongly. As reported by BrightEdge MobileShare, traffic from smartphones increased by 125% while the growth rate reached 12% of the desktop.

    5 SEO Techniques Mobile (mobile phone SEO)

However, the desktop still hold a very important position in 2014. The study also shows that smartphone users convert only 1/3 of the total personal computer users (and tablets), and the majority are experiencing a bad user experience. There is still much debate about the use of responsive or a dedicated page, the better. The truth is that the two are the pros and cons, and the answer is the option that will best meet the needs of customers.

And according to me personally, you should use responsive for consistency, data synchronization and will be good for Search Engine more. Yet current obstacles for E-commerce sites in general, is impossible because responsive volume huge module, and responsive unable to meet this. In short, if possible, you can design one iOS app for Android or for their website because it meets the technical requirements higher than the web version responsive. A few suggestions:

Do not use Flash: The plugin may not be available on your phone to your users, which means they will miss out on all the fun. If you want to create special effects, using HTML5 instead.
Do not use pop-ups: It can be difficult and frustrating to try and close on a mobile device. This can lead to a high bounce rate.
Designed for ease of clicks for users: Navigate the touchscreen can lead to accidental clicks if your buttons are too big, too small, or in the path of a finger that is trying to can be equipped to move.
Responsive Web Design: The website was designed using Responsively CSS3 media queries to serve the same content to users of mobile phones and desktop computers using a network and a design service flexibility to automatically adapt to the screen size of the user.

3. Compact design, focused on usability

Attractive design and usability of a website may have a direct impact on the possibility of users become customers and increase conversion rates, especially with but users use mobile devices - see site on the small screen. Providing information in visual format and easy to understand, call-to-action loud and clear. These factors need to be removed to reduce page load time


4. Improved page load speed

Page load speed can have a significant impact to the user experience and conversion rates. Based on Nielsen Norman Group's research, Google wants a website for mobile phones to be loaded within 1 second or less to provide a positive experience, keeping users continue to return. However, according to Google, and websites for mobile phones is now the average load rate falls to about 7 seconds.

By page load speed is very important to have a positive experience for users, so it will be one of the elements necessary for a successful SEO strategy Mobile. While it did not have an exact figure is page loading speed is how much will help improve ranking, Google emphasized its importance as it affects the user experience, and what's good for the experienced User experience will be ranked higher.

5. Understand the purpose of mobile users

With the release of Hummingbird algorithm, understand user intent, the search query conversation, searching voice becomes essential elements. A SEO strategy should be guided by the needs and wants of your target customers, and there are differences between the use of mobile devices and user desktops.

For example, customers using the phone to search for a certain product and intend to buy it, then follow Google has 69% users who want enterprise product distributors are located within 5km from their location. 55% of people want to buy the right product solution for 1 hour. From these figures you can estimate and propose optimal methods to increase conversion rates.

Summary: With the current explosion of mobile, if you do not design special versions for Mobile, there are the more likely you will lose very many potential customers to a competitor. Criteria Show good for the small screen size and page loading speed is two important factors related to the user experience that you should consider and develop even in the future.

Criteria such as composition, CRO, it depends on each person's career thinking. You need advice about the layout or CRO then leave your question below and colleagues will answer as soon as possible!

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