A. Regulation domain name?

+ Domain name can not exceed 63 characters (including part .com, .net, .org, .info).
+ Domain name only includes letters of the alphabet (az), numbers (0-9) and minus (-). Spaces and other special characters are not valid.
+ Do not start or end with a comma domain name (-).
+ Your domain name should not begin with http: // or www or http: // www.

B. For a good domain name, need to follow the rules?

The domain name is your desire. However, to have a domain name and effective impression you should choose to follow some rules:

1. Put the name short and easy to remember

You can set the domain name short and easy to remember the full name of your company, you should choose short domain name as possible (,,, ...). Short domain names are easier to remember, easier to type the address, and easy to design marks and logos. It will be easy to remember the name as,,, You may also remember the special name like, The domain name has a special meaning, short or tied to the brand, product, service and pronouncing your easy going, easy to read, it will be easier to remember.

2. Domain names related to the brand, the product, the name of your company.

This is usually selected when you set the domain name, but not easy to implement. If you can not find the correct domain name as your business name, product and your brand. Look for a function name says, the main task or describe the uniqueness of your business. You can pair your character or you can also consider the possibility of using the domain name with the tail as .biz, .info, if not find the name with the tail VN, .com, .net., ORG.

3. The domain name mapped to a "siege"

Registration of domain names in a "siege," so that no one can register your domain name like both writing and reading. With a lot of the tail of the current domain name, the user inter- remain largely unfamiliar with the domain name VN, .com, .net, .org. If your target audience is global, domain name .COM, .NET, dot VN will be beneficial to you. You should be concerned of domain names, because this is Vietnam national domain name. You should choose to register the domain name in a "siege" to none of your domain name registration.

4. Do not confuse.

A domain name or not to choose the same or confusingly with domain name availability. If the domain name availability is a registered trademark, you may have trouble using the same domain name. Another aspect to note is your domain name should be easy to read when you have to read the domain name to someone over the phone. Do not use the sign (-) in your domain name (except when required), because it is easy to confuse the reader and and type the domain name of this type.

5. Hard to misspell.

Domain name short, selected according to the advisory on and alphabetically, easy to read, easy to remember, the ability to write false infrequent. As long as the domain name, trouble, hard to remember, you'll lose more customers visit your website.

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