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Along with the strong development of the Internet, today, owning one website no longer a stranger, even in some cases there are mandatory standards for enterprises - companies in the competitive moment global as today.

With a team of graphic designers and IT engineers young, creative and dynamic Vietnam ADC proud to bring our customers the high-end website design with professional style, leave a deep impression to people visit, thereby enhancing the competitiveness for customers in the name of advertising on the Internet.

Advanced features, professional website design, advanced technology, standard SEO

The website designed by ADC will bring professional features, advanced the following:

1. Interface website:

Impressive design according to customer requirements, ensure uniqueness, not duplicate. Designed in the style simple, modern and luxurious.

2. Programming Technology:

Using powerful programming technology and the most advanced currently ASP.NET3.0, ASP.NET4.0, MVC4.0 ... database SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2010, SQL Server 1012.

3. Compression Technology page (webpage compression):

All sites are automatically compressed when the load on the transmission line and automatically decompress in the browser viewer, thereby reducing significantly the time the page loads, reduce bandwidth costs the entire website.

4. Technology data buffer (data caching):

With buffer mechanism advanced data developed by a team of ADC Vietnam, all of the data from the database (database) of the website will be stored in the buffer (cache) and this buffer will be used for love accessing the user's needs rather than query the database directly.
This allows great improvement of the website response speed while consuming minimal resources of host.

5. Technologies self-image processing:

Photos will be self-mutilation or shrink according to one optimal size, preserving the original proportions to avoid distortion when displayed on the website, in other words, with this technology, you will not have to bother about resize image problem or manually create thumbnails for pictures to be displayed.

6. Compatible browsers:

Website is designed to have the best compatibility with popular browsers in the world today, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera.

7. Compatible with the search engines:

Website will be designed with the advanced techniques - specially optimized for popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista ...), help improve website ranking on search engines, household increasing the amount of visitors to your website, thereby increasing the chance promotion - investment for your guests.

8. Do not use open source:

Along with a thickness of over 10 years of experience and hundreds of projects experienced web design team has successfully applied ADC system content management by the ADC website research and development, without using any Web content management system is available (free open source).
This will contribute to increase the security and stability of the site, meet the requirements and specific characteristics of each business company. Warranty period Unlimited website:
Along with quality products have been tested in practice, ADC has been applicable warranty period is not limited to all by our website design and hosting on servers of ADC Vietnam.


This warranty applies only to the website being hosted on the server of ADC Vietnam, or in other words, you need to use the web hosting services of ADC.
In case your guests are selected ADC units web design, website hosting and selected in a different unit, the warranty will be 01 years from the date of delivery, site acceptance.

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